Your relationship is not where you’d like it to be.

You know you love each other but you’ve fallen out of “Like” with
each other.

Perhaps you are finding yourself in a very challenging
place in your marriage and communication and intimacy are minimal
or non-existent.


You long for an amazing, passionate, & co-creative
relationship on ALL levels.

You are longing to be a CONNECTED COUPLE

  • You have nothing to look forward to….
  • You’re both stuck in a rut, often repeating the same daily routine
  • your partnership lack adventure, excitement and passion
  • Your sex life is not what you want it to be and you are missing physical intimacy that you crave

We created Live WE Fully for the couple that desires to take their relationship to a new level of co-creative partnership. The couple who desires a divine union and conversation together.

The couples who want to play, love, and create TOGETHER.

Women have been growing, evolving and entering into high levels of conversation and conscious awareness.

It is time to broaden that reach and share this exquisite gift with our men!

The men in our lives are more ready than ever before to be called forward and participate in a higher level of conversation.

A new level of partnership, where the masculine and feminine come together in union.

here’s what

can help you experience in your

Open, honest and authentic conversations with one another… Regularly!

Supporting one another’s dreams (Even if on the surface they seem not aligned)

Feeling more and more passion for each other everyday

Getting to Become aligned in your couple’s vision

A deeper sense and understanding for what makes each other tick and how you can use your “Core Drivers”

Resolve conflicts in a way that feels supportive to you both.

playlaughdream &create…together

What do you receive

when you join?

This program can be taken individually or as a couple. Obviously, it’s more effective for you both to go through the program. But truth be told, for many years Dave learned through osmosis! I would take a program and I would share the content with Dave. He did not get the full experience, but he certainly grew more than he would have if I had not shared all of the nuggets of wisdom I learned along the way.

Live We Fully

Each module will include both of our perspectives…so you receive the FULL Live We Fully Foundation from both the female and male perspective.

The Promise

Responsibility Commitment Choice Growth Evolution

Connection Factor

Being heard & understood Getting needs met Being open and vulnerable In communication Learning how to support one another Laughter & Play

Ground Zero

Intimacy Physical attraction Trust Consistency Seek Pleasure Receiving

Roles & Requirements

Who is responsible for what in your relationship Clarity Honor them Couples Creed

The Horizon

Vision – Individually and as a couple What you want to create and experience together Agree on a common vision moving forward Create your Mission

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more,that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what i hope to give you forever

-nicholas sparks, the notebook-

Bonus 1

The MenTypes Module:

value: $297

Finally you and your man can have access to a complete MenTypes Training.

The MenTypes give the men a practical way of increasing their belief in themselves. With the language and structure of the MenTypes you are capable of being more of the man you know you can be.

This technology will bring men and women closer together. A more “connected man” means more confidence. Better conversations. More passion and drive towards what truly makes you happy.


only508slots available

Bonus 2

How to Talk with Your Partner About Finance

value $197

  • Money starter conversations
  • What to do when you disagree
  • How to talk about price
  • How to stop identifying as a spender or saver
  • How to negotiate AND compromise
  • How to feel worthy and confident

Dave and I have been through a lot as a couple. And yet, through it all, we have a powerful and deep relationship… In case you’re not familiar with what we’ve accomplished, here’s a little more information about us:

We’ve been married for 15+ years.

We experienced tragedy early on when we lost our first-born son. This can derail a marriage, but we not only stayed together; we thrived together!

We have open and honest conversations where we really hear one another.

We treat each other really well. Do we fight? Yes, from time to time we have disagreements. But we always clear the energy and feel good on the other end.

We still have crazy passion for one another and it continues to grow year after year.

We support each other in our dreams even though they are not always our individual dreams.

Dave supported my dream of moving to France.

I’m supporting Dave’s dream to sail around the world (coming soon:).

Benefits for


  • Happy wife because she
  • WANTS to be
  • Less pressure
  • More security
  • More power
  • More intimacy
  • More creative outlets
  • Fulfilled dreams
  • More respect
  • More fun & joy

Benefits for


  • More open communication
  • More willing to share
  • More contribution
  • More emotional intimacy
  • More fun
  • Needs met
  • More surprises
  • More attention
  • More understanding
  • Feeling taken care of…

Julie O’Gara

I attracted into my life a man who could hold ALL of who I Am and love me more every day!

Getting to know and integrate my Femmes was a deeply powerful journey… one of which was strewn with struggle, anguish and sometimes frustration at my own progress, however with each new insight, integration and the very much necessary celebration- I watched as I created a whole new life on the other side of divorce. In embracing all my femmes, lead me to becoming and owning ALL of who I am… and subsequently attracting into my life a man who could hold ALL of who I Am and love me more every day! We were recently married in Paris… This is the life that is possible when you Embrace, Own and Integrate ALL of who you are… know that your man will be standing right beside you—waiting to stretch and become bigger to hold the expanded version of who you become next. I have never felt so loved, honored, cherished and held by any man as I do know… Kevin has walked much of this journey with me… and has become so much more because of our experiences together! Life can be this BIG and Amazing and I didn’t give up a thing–it was and will always be about receiving….

Julie O’Gara



Our couples energy is more in alignment now for our Sacred Marriage

“Before the integration of my FemmeTypes™ I can say I used to drive my life in a very controlling way. I can say I had more of my masculine side present and for René it was the opposite; more of his feminine side present. After I started my Elegant Femme journey and more in my Créme journey and Paris experience, I realize that I was shifting this pattern, started to ask for what I required and started to receiving in an elegant way; and at same time there was space for him to start shifting. This continues deepening, getting better and better. I feel that our couples energy is more in alignment now for our Sacred Marriage, with the Divine expressions of Feminine and Masculine.

Jennifer found an amazing man and is getting married!

Jennifer Jackson

July 14 at 4:49am

Hi Ladies. I am so grateful and continue to experience an expansion in my receiving muscle. A year ago May, I was at the Live You Fully event in La Jolla with many of you. Tara led an exercise in choosing what is most important by assigning numerical value to chosen desires. My desire to be in a relationship with my beloved came up as my number one desire. I was not expecting this to be my number one, but it was. Using practices I learned through Tara’s, workshops and events , I became very clear on qualities I desired for a relationship. I met him last fall. We were in the Live You Fully online process, when I realized he was matching up with my true desires for a relationship. I wrote in the group that I lelt like I was pleasure Peaking on my plateau. Tara wrote to allow it to flow through me, I had no need to grab or cling because it would just keep fowing. Open to receiving even more. (That is a paraphrase, not a quote.) I have been opening more and more. We experienced the Dave and Tara relationship online seminar, which has created very unifying and fun practices for us within our relationship. We continue to read books together and share our visions. The big news, is that we are getting married in August. Even in the wedding planning, we are receiving. A friend is sharing her backyard, which looks like an outdoor living room, fabulous, with us. A friend is doing our flowers and decorations. A friend is doing our photography. A friend is going to video. A friend created my ring. A friend is couducting the ceremony. Wow. So much receiving. I am in gratitude daily.



We’ve done everything we can to make your transformation simple and achievable for you.

Our intention is to remove every possible barrier to you giving yourself the time and ability to do this without guilt or remorse.

However, I understand you may still have some uncertainty about whether or not Live WE Fully is right for you…

BUT the biggest risk we take is not making the shifts we know we require in our lives NOW. Let’s work together to make TODAY the day you commit to YOUR beautiful life.

We are 100% confident that Live WE Fully assist you in creating YOUR divine partnership. So confident that you can go through the entire program and if you feel that it has not dramatically improved your life, we will give you a 100% refund.

All you have to do is submit your completed course Templates to us within 90 days of purchase, showing you have completed the course. And we will refund your complete investment.

Carrie Dale

Learning about and nurturing my relationship with my FemmeTypes healed both of us…it just keeps getting better and better…

My husband and I started having recurring arguments regarding our kids and money that we couldn’t seem to resolve. It was creating distance and resentment in both of us. Once I healed and integrated my FemmeTypes, I found that I felt safe, confident and more grounded in communicating with him about these difficult things. And it wasn’t coming from a place of blame, anger or resentment any longer. Not only did I experience huge shifts in how I handled these arguments, but he did as well. Learning about and nurturing my relationship with my FemmeTypes healed both of us and has also provided my girls with a beautiful example of a healthy, strong relationship. We have been together for almost 13 years and it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you Tara and Dave!

Carrie Dale
  • I
  • f you are really being called to experience divine
    partnership in your life now is the time.

Imagine being in a relationship where you feel adored, appreciated, and respected. A relationship where you can BE in your feminine and your husband in his masculine. Where you are both in your POWER! You feel safe, honored and excited to be together! Imagine creating a lifestyle that you both love, traveling, dreaming and operating from a high level of consciousness…TOGETHER

Honor your partnership by making it a priority and receive the Mentoring and accountability necessary to honor your love.

If you are not fully fulfilled in your relationship, if you are not creating at the highest possible level, Live WE Fully will assist you with exactly what you require to commit to a new mindset, new plan and co-creative lifestyle TOGETHER.